At VCL Construction, “safety” is more than just a box to be checked. It is a value that forms part of our company’s very foundation and is upheld by everyone, from our officers and managers to our frontline workers, because nothing is more important to us than the welfare and well-being of those who work with us and all of those around us.


When it comes to ensuring our project sites are safe, we are determinedly proactive. VCL Construction’s comprehensive Health and Safety Program, which is led by our own in-house Director of Safety, Mr. Brian Funk, is designed to identify and mitigate safety risks before they become hazardous. Brian’s sole focus is ensuring our company adheres to safety practices of the highest standards. But our safety-driven environment doesn’t start and end with our Director of Safety. All of our employees are taught safe construction practices and are expected to be proactive in implementing those practices. If a health or safety risk is identified, then VCL Construction quickly addresses such concern. Depending on the nature of the risk or incident, we will immediately respond and ensure the circumstances that gave rise to the issue are mitigated or eliminated. While we certainly strive to minimize any possible disruption to construction work posed by safety concerns, we are not afraid to pause work on a project to ensure everyone’s safety.


The importance of safety as a cost-controlling measure should not be overlooked by an Owner. Safety hazards, potential injuries to workers on-site, and workplace accidents can all contribute to increasing project costs, sometimes significantly. VCL Construction’s strength in identifying and addressing potential safety risks and ensuring that the worksite is safeguarded against hazardous conditions can help protect against expenses associated with unexpected circumstances and claims.